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Szafarczyk Real Estate is made up of a team of real experts in their field. Each one is part of a complete puzzle. Indisposition or absence of any of the members would render the image we create incomplete. We are a young and energetic team with a strong female element. Our priority is to support the client from to and from during activities related to the purchase or sale of real estate.

Comprehensive service provider

We build relationships and loyalty among our clients. There is a human being behind every transaction, so every day we try to answer the following questions: How better to care for others? How to get closer to the customer? How to bring order and harmony to the process of selling / buying real estate?
As a comprehensive service provider, we are able to do this.

Our offer includes:

• Real estate turnover,
• Financing and insurance,
• Renovation and interior finishing works,
• A photo session of the property,
• Professional preparation of real estate for future buyers

Our activities are also directed to our compatriots abroad. An operating branch in Germany helps Poles to trade in real estate remaining in Poland without having to travel to the country.

What makes us different?

Passion and experience

Our office was created from a combination of many years of experience in sales and passion for the real estate market.

Quality and trust

We operate in an ethical manner and on the basis of unquestionable values. The needs and requirements of our customers are our priority. We focus on the quality of operation and trust.


Our mission is to reach every community, understand its needs and ensure a sense of security at every stage of the transaction.


Patrycja Szafarczyk

Contact phone + 48 606 616 508
E-mail patrycja@szafarczyknieruchomości.pl

The experience gained over the years has resulted in a large portfolio of satisfied customers. It was mainly self-denial and constant pursuit of the goal that led her to the place where she is now.

He passionately runs a modern company made up of people – clients, but also a team of employees, without whom no one would be successful.

She graduated from the following faculties: finance and accounting, specializing in tourism, organization and finance, and marketing on the Internet.
She focuses on continuous development, which is why she began postgraduate studies in real estate management.

Over the years, she worked as a Commercial Director in a large company in the IT industry, where she gained experience in team management and building lasting relationships.
Smiling, creative, she believes that she can change the world for the better by introducing a sense of security and trust into clients’ lives.
In his free time, he focuses on relaxing with a good book or resting with his loved ones.

Natalia Kamińska

Office Manager
Phone number +48 723 724 146
E-mail natalia@szafarczyknieruchomosci.pl

By education – a philologist of the English language. It is successfully implemented while working in administration as well as organizing and managing office work.

She gained experience outside the country. In Great Britain she spent 10 years working as a Hotel Manager in the center of London. Many years of experience in working with people have taught her humility, quick reaction and the ability to cope with difficult situations.
Responsible, committed, enthusiastic about new activities. Creative soul, loves to travel and appreciates time spent with family.

Zofia Trzeszkowska

Sales Specialist
Phone number +48 508 579 614
E-mail zofia@szafarczyknieruchomosci.pl

He focuses on honesty in relations with clients, appreciates an individual approach.
People are her passion – working for them and working with them, which is confirmed by the title of Social Leader of Gliwice, which she was awarded in 2018.

A graduate of the University of Silesia in Katowice. The real estate market keeps surprising her, so she treats development in her professional life as a duty. She loves naturalness in people and appreciates the closeness of the family. In her free time, she can be found on the hiking trails of the Beskid Żywiecki.

Kamila Demska

Sales Specialist, Dolnyśląsk Department
Contact phone: +48 669 533 251
E-mail kamila@szafarczyknieruchomosci.pl

The Female Orchestra, talented in many fields.
Experienced as a chain store manager, office manager, bioenergotherapist.

Skilfully acquires new contacts and interesting projects. Builds lasting relationships with foreign-language clients.

A committed activist, Vice-President of the Razem Szczęśliwi foundation, candidate for the Commune Council, nominated by Gazeta Wrocławska for the award for social activities.

The willingness to work with people, the need for development and deepening of knowledge led her to real estate.

Organized, open, extremely ambitious. Enthusiastic about the world and people, her warmth and smile positively affect everyone.
A fulfilled mother of 4 daughters, she loves traveling and active recreation in her free time.

Zbigniew Szafarczyk

Construction expert
Phone number +48 696 495 995
E-mail zbigniew@szafarczyknieruchomosci.pl

An expert in the field of interior finishing. He gained experience on the Polish and German market. Thus, it can be said that he is adept at the latest European trends like no one else.
He is not afraid of any challenge. He works with attention to every detail and the highest quality of workmanship. He treats each task individually and professionally, which has earned him a group of loyal and satisfied customers.
He likes to spend his free time actively – backpacking in the mountains.

Karolina Kaczmarkiewicz

Sales Specialist
Phone number +48 667 849 639 E-mail karolina@szafarczyknieruchomosci.pl

Izabela Kowoll

Sales Specialist
Phone number +48 667 166 299 E-mail izabela@szafarczyknieruchomosci.pl

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